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16-18 July 2019
9:00 am - 4:30 pm Singapore Time

AI & Intelligent Automation Live APAC

Exploring how Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Automation can revolutionize your enterprise

The savviest organisations and business leaders are well aware of the imperative to harness the future of AI and machine learning to drive continuous business improvement and innovative competitive service delivery, but many simply do not yet know how to go about implementing a clear strategy. With these common challenges in mind, the AIIA Network has developed a digital event for business leaders wanting to identify a practical strategy for selecting which business processes can be streamlined and improved by AI implementation. Attendees will learn the precise technology and steps needed to adapt a future-ready approach for the entire organisation.

AI Live Global is the sixth online summit from the AIIA Network, and is expected to draw over 1500 registrations. Free to attend, login at the comfort of your own desk, access the virtual lobby, visit the partner stands and enter the virtual presentation hall to learn the precise technology and steps needed to build an enterprise-wide AI integration strategy.

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2018 Speakers

Moorthy LG
SVP, Global Head of Global Business Service Olam International
Dr Stephen Chan
Head, Department of Knowledge and Innovation Woodlands Health Campus
Andy Gillard
APAC Intelligent Automation lead, EY
Abhishek Verma
Vice President and Lead of Operational Excellence Credit Suisse APAC
Yuval Dvir
Head of Scaled Partnerships, Google Cloud
Manish Rai
VP of Product Marketing Automation Anywhere
Lauren deLisa Coleman
Digi-Cultural Trend Analyst Contributor: Forbes,
Ann Furlong
FCCA Director, APAC Customer Team and Global Enablement BlackLine
Abhishek Tammina
Product Client Solutions Executive, Edgeverve Infosys
Product Client Solutions Manager, Edgeverve Infosys
Mr. Pranav Rai
Global Head- Solutions & Practice, Hexaware BPS
Sudhir Sen
Products Head, Jiffy RPA

2018 Agenda

Tuesday 17th July


Chairman’s Opening Address

speaker Andy Gillard APAC Intelligent Automation lead, EY


A Balance Of Intelligence, Machine And Human For The Future Workplace –Google Cloud

speaker Yuval Dvir Head of Scaled Partnerships, Google Cloud

  • Ensure AI remains open, transparent and democratise across companies, verticals and industries
  • Bring machine learning and artificial intelligence to your people, simplify it and get them to use it at your organisation
  • Allow people to make sense of unstructured data such as text and videos using artificial intelligence
  • Apply machine learning and Cloud services to business decisions and open up a Pandora of opportunities
  • Complete and utter personalization through digital transformation: Benefits and drawbacks
10:30 – 11:00

Elevating humans by automating intelligently

speaker Andy Gillard APAC Intelligent Automation lead, EY

speaker Dr. CK Chan CIO Retail Banking & Wealth Management, APAC, HSBC
speaker David CK Chen Partner, EY

In the post-regulatory era, FIs are making up for lost time by designing new strategies and business processes to drive crisper customer experiences through intelligent automation. Design Thinking is leveraging the best of human ingenuity, supported by strategic and technology insights, to break through legacy business challenges to drive innovation and efficiencies by automating intelligently for the new digital economy, rather than automating for automations sake. This insight webcast will feature industry experts sharing their experiences with taking automation beyond just robotics, with real use cases, and best practices.

14:00 - 14:30

Shifting to Artificial Intelligence for the Next Layer of Value

speaker Sudhir Sen Products Head, Jiffy RPA, Option 3

It is likely that in a few years RPA will be a pre-requisite for many back office functions. Whilst AI is still on the drafting table the combined benefits of Cognitive, Machine Learning and AI herald even bigger benefits. This session discusses:

  • What characterizes an AI opportunity?
  • Problems and Limitations
  • Optimal processes and skill-sets needed
15:00 – 15:30

Leveraging AI, Machine Learning and RPA to Shine Light on Dark Data?

speaker Manish Rai VP of Product Marketing, Automation Anywhere

The ease of use and rapid ROI have made RPA a cornerstone of digital formation. However, 80% of enterprise data is “Dark Data” – information that is difficult to extract using RPA alone. Cognitive platforms can bring structure to unstructured data but are hampered by high costs and long deployment cycles. Learn how purpose-built cognitive automation solutions can bridge this vast RPA and cognitive platform divide.

Chairman’s Closing Remarks – End of Day One

Wednesday 18th July


Chairman’s Opening Remarks

09:30 – 10:00

Future Trends & AI: What to watch for as the future workplace, ethics and machines massively

speaker Lauren DeLisa Coleman Digi-Cultural Trend Analyst, Contributor: Forbes,



speaker Ann Furlong FCCA, Director, APAC Customer Team and Global Enablement, BlackLine

Robotic process automation (RPA) can automate manual tasks, manage workflow, and standardise finance and accounting (F&A) processes across complex organisations and IT landscapes. Organisations utilising RPA and finance automation within their F&A operations have been able to:

  • Automate accounting and finance processes up to 80%
  • Increase accounting productivity by 50%
  • Improve shared service centre efficiency by as much as 75%.

RPA, rather than ushering in the robot rebellion, will free CFOs and their teams to finally do what they’re meant to be doing – performing analysis, advising the business, and providing impactful financial data to shape their organisations’ future. At this session you will gain insight into the technologies driving the future of finance. Learn how to separate RPA fact from fiction so you can prepare for finance automation transformation and build a robotic accounting department.


RPA Balanced Scorecard: A Framework to Industrialize and Track your Enterprise Automation Program

speaker Abhishek Tammina Product Client Solutions Executive, Edgeverve Infosys
speaker SairamIyer Product Client Solutions Manager, Edgeverve Infosys

Many enterprises have successfully piloted intelligent automation programs and some have even adopted these on an enterprise level. However, few have succeeded in industrializing the benefits of Robotic Process Automation. The Robotic Process Automation Balanced Scorecard FrameworkTM is a powerful and strategic tool that enables enterprises to track, plan and execute RPA programs.

In this webinar we explore the RPA Balanced scorecard framework and how it can be used as a tool to track and evaluate the effectiveness of RPA programs in organizations. We also highlight the key features of the RPA Balanced Scorecard and how it helps organizations identify short-term and long-term benefits.

  • Alignment of RPA Program with enterprise vision
  • Process prioritization and budget planning
  • Outcome measurement and creation of reporting framework
  • Foundation development for employee training
15:30 – 16:15

Embracing Intelligent Automation- A step change towards Smarter Operations

speaker Mr. Pranav Rai Global Head- Solutions & Practice, Hexaware BPS

Intelligent Automation is ushering a step change with its increasing adoption in business operations. Smart technologies like AI, ML, NLP & Cognitive Automation are heralding in larger benefits by enabling quicker decision making in back-office, improving customer services and unlocking the next level of productivity. This session deliberates on how these technologies are augmenting human potential and catalyzing businesses towards next wave of transformation. Explore:

  • Why is IA fundamental to your strategy and operations?
  • What characterizes an AI, ML opportunity in your business?
  • Purposeful approaches to embrace AI, ML technologie
  • Bang for the buck. Real use cases for a top 5 bank and trade finance company

Chairman’s Closing Remarks – End of Day Two

Thursday 19th July


Chairman’s Opening Remarks

10:30 – 11:00

Launching RPA Pilot Projects - Proof of Concept (POC) and Result Analysis

speaker Abhishek Verma Vice President & APAC Lead - Operational Excellence, Credit Suisse

Early adopters who look for quick, viable results in cost savings and efficiency often dive straight into RPA with a complete process transformation. But there are lots of factors to consider and preperations to make to ensure long term RPA success. This session weighs up the benefits and risks of pressing forward with robotics, covers a tick list of what you should be assessing and covers other necessary knowledge to ensure the success of your RPA pilot projects. Including:

  • Understanding the basics of RPA, its potential approaches and benefits
  • Evaluating risks and managing then
  • Engaging stakeholders in identifying opportunities for RPA implementation
  • Planning a successful RPA pilot initiative: Outlining the proof of concept, testing the solution and analysing results
  • Re-evaluate operating model
14:30 – 15:00

Building a 100% In-house Team vs. Outsourcing: Olam’s Adoption Path and Plan to Grow RPA

speaker Moorthy LG SVP, Global Head of Global Business Services, Olam International

  • Understanding the key benefits in building internal RPA capacity
  • What are the limitations of the fully in-house team, in scalability, sustainability, stability and long-term saving
  • Lessons learned from developing and managing a in-house team and the talent supply challenge in Asia

Chairman’s Take-Away’s

End of Conference

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